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Starting a Long Distance Relationship – What to Expect


Are you thinking about starting a long distance relationship? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you recently met someone online that lives far away from you, or you or your partner is going away to college, it’s important to know that long distance relationships can work! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. A long distance relationship is guaranteed to work as long as you and your partner put in an equal amount of effort.

So, what exactly should you expect when starting a long distance relationship? Well, the answer to that is a lot of ups and downs! Living far from your partner isn’t ideal, but you need to realize that the distance is temporary! One day, you and your partner will be able to live together… It just takes time and dedication. Emotionally connecting with your partner is essential to make it work.

So, if you’re starting a long distance relationship, here’s what to expect!

1. It won’t be easy

As I mentioned, living far from your partner isn’t ideal. It’s not exactly going to make you excited knowing that your partner lives far away. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions… Some days will be harder than others. You may reunite with your partner and then you’ll have to say goodbye again. There will be a lot of reunions and farewells, but don’t forget, one day you won’t have to say goodbye! Being able to live together may take a long time if visas are involved, but as long as you can prove your relationship, you won’t have an issue getting approved for a visa!

2. It will be the most special relationship

Long distance relationships are one of the most special types of relationships! I’ve been in a LDR since 2015 and I can honestly say that every time my partner and I reunite, it feels like we’re meeting for the first time! After being away from your partner for long periods of time, you get to have an emotional reunion and the butterflies come back. It’s the most amazing feeling getting to jump into their arms again. You can’t get that type of feelings from a ‘normal’ relationship. (Normal in the sense that you don’t live far away and you can see each other as often as you’d like!)

3. You’ll see so many new places

A long distance relationship is when you and your partner live hours apart and sometimes even in different countries or states! In my case, my partner lives over 3,500 miles away! I live in New York and he lives in England. Since we started dating, we’ve had to travel back and forth from our homes to see each other. By doing so, I get to explore England and he gets to explore New York! So, no matter how far your partner lives, you’ll get to travel to a new place and experience what it’s like to live there!

4. It might become expensive

Considering you’re going to have to travel to see your partner and vice versa, it’s going to cost you. Whether you need to buy a plane ticket, a train ticket, or spend money on gas, it’s going to start to add up. This is the price you have to pay for long distance relationships (no pun intended). It may stress you out thinking about how much it’ll be, but don’t let that bring you down. If you know in your heart that your partner is worth it, there’s always a way! Start a little relationship fund!

5. There may be judgement

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that my LDR wouldn’t work, I could retire! Unfortunately, there are some people out there that don’t understand why people do long distance. Don’t let those people try to change your mind. A LDR can work – click here to read about some couples that have been breaking through the distance! So, I know it’s much easier said than done to say just to ignore those people, but of course, it’ll make you feel upset. Listen to your heart, date who you want and don’t let anyone make you feel different!

6. Communication won’t always be easy

If your partner lives in a different time zone, then you’re going to have to work together to ensure that you schedule times to talk. If your partner lives hours ahead, then try to find a time to call that suits you both. Skype and FaceTime connection isn’t always perfect, so be prepared to see ‘poor connection’ signs every now and then! Once you find the best way to chat, things will be so much easier! I’ve found that Whatsapp phone calls are best to use! It’ll make a weird beeping noise when the connection is breaking.

That was what to expect when starting a long distance relationship!

I understand that a lot of it sounds negative, however, there are so many more positives to this type of relationship! Click here for more pros and cons. Trust me when I say that LDRs are so incredibly worth it. No one said they would be super easy to deal with, but I can promise you that it’ll end up being so special.

If you’ve recently started a long distance relationship, then make sure to comment down below – I’d love to hear all about it! Also, if you need any more advice, then please don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking here.

I also recently created an online Facebook group for LDR couples to join. Whether you need advice, need to vent, or just want to meet other LDR couples, the Facebook group is the place to do it!

Click HERE to join the LDR Support Group on Facebook!

Monica Patterson

to perfectly sum me up, I'm a dad jokes enthusiast who's either busy filming videos on Youtube, petting a dog, or talking about my long distance relationship! I currently own 3 companies: Infinite Management (a social media management company) Hidden Candle (a personalized candle company) Long Distance Relationships Blog! alongside my companies, I'm a social media influencer who enjoys making videos on YouTube about my relationship and who loves to travel the world!




  • Eryn

    I have been in a LDR for 4 months and it’s very difficult at times, but it’s so amazing. I would have never imagined this but I’m so happy. I love your blog and YouTube channel, I’ve learned so much from you and Sam!

    • Monica Gartner

      I’m so happy that you’re happy!!

  • Marz Knight-Robertson

    I’ve just started a LDR and so far so good. It has only been a few weeks I live in England and he lives is Washington DC, we talk everyday and all day at the weekend. We are currently making plans for me to go and see him as soon as we can fly. I’m so happy I’m skating on the moon????

    • Monica Gartner

      How exciting! Congrats!

  • Narenda

    I’ve been in a LDR for nearly a year now! I’m in Melbourne Australia, and my boyfriend is in Orlando, USA ! It definitely is hard, especially during these times of not knowing when we’ll be able to see each other again.. but he is my soul mate <3

    • Monica Gartner

      wow – that’s super long distance!! so happy you guys make it work!

  • Tanya

    We started speaking at the end of November but by now I feel like we are out of things to speak therefore we avoid calls just so that we don’t keep staring at each other not knowing what to say. I live in uk and he lives in india and due to the covid, I can’t even make plans to meet him. Any advice ?

  • hannuta

    I am not in a LDR yet, but my boyfriend will leave for uni in September, so I came here to get some advice and to not feel alone. Your blog is so cute, can’t wait to join the Facebook group once I am in LDR

    • Monica Gartner

      Thank you so much 🙂