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ldr support group

Whether you need advice from other people going through the same type of relationship, or you’re looking to meet other couples in LDRs, you need to check out our long distance relationship support group!

Click the link below to join our long distance relationship support group!

My partner and I created a long distance relationship support group to help other couples that are in LDRs. Within the first month, we had over 500 people request to join, and since then, we have connected so many people to each other.

In the group, people share their LDR struggles, offer advice, make friends, and vent. It’s a judgement-free zone, and it is private on Facebook. Only people who are accepted into the group can see the posts, so don’t worry – it’s very private!

It makes me happy to know that the LDR group has helped people from all over the world! I love hearing about LDR couples, especially ones who have broke the distance! If you and your partner beat long distance, then I’d love to feature your story on my blog!

Click here to submit your LDR success story.


In order to be accepted into the group, you must be in a long distance relationship. The admins look at the Facebook profiles for proof, so please only join if you are currently in an LDR. There are rules you must adhere to, such as:

  • Be kind
  • No promotion of any kind

Thank you for your interest in joining the group! I can’t wait to see how active you become in it, and I hope you can make some new friends, too!