Long Distance Relationship Apps

Calling all long distance couples… I can totally relate when you say that you miss your partner. I’ve been in a long distance relationship since 2015… My partner lives in England and I live in New York! Throughout our years together, we’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to stay connected. One of which is with apps! In this blog, I’ll be sharing some of the best long distance relationship apps that we’ve come across.

Thank God we live in a world where technology is thriving! Thanks to the internet, there are so many different ways we can stay in touch with each other. Think about it… Years ago phones and computers didn’t exist. A lot of people met their LDR partner through the internet, so imagine not having those luxuries! In today’s day and age, your partner is just a phone call away. Of course, that’s not the same as seeing them in person, however, we have to work with what we got!

These apps mentioned will help you and your partner feel closer and if your partner lives super far, there are some apps that will help you find the cheapest flights!

Here are some long distance relationship apps!

Overview of Long Distance Relationship Apps

1. Between

Between is a must-have app! As the company states: “Between is a mobile app for couples in love!” So, of course, that means you need to download it… like now!

You can chat with your partner, have an easier way to track anniversaries, share photos and videos, and plan both of your schedules together in one private space. For those of you who have trouble staying organized, this app makes it easy!

2. Kast

Kast is a brilliant app! It was formerly known as ‘Rabb.it’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Kast is a way for you and your partner to be able to watch movies together while you’re apart.

When one of you pauses, it will pause your partner’s screen, too. So, you’re able to watch a movie together virtually! It’s perfect if you’re looking to set up a virtual date night! (It’s also available on desktops)

3. Skyscanner

I can honestly say that Skyscanner has been a huge life-saver for me! Instead of searching a bunch of different airline websites, Skyscanner puts all the available flights from all airlines together in one place.

It’s the best and fastest way to find the cheapest flights. Every time I fly anywhere, I do it through Skyscanner. Plus, it’s a free app – there’s nothing you need to purchase (other than your flight, of course!)

4. Rave

Rave is an awesome app! The company says “we’re all about bringing people together around the media they love.”

You can text your partner or send them voice memos while you’re both watch content from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, etc! You can also meet people from all over the world by joining other public raves!

So, enjoy some videos, make some friends, and have a great time all in one!

5. Love Notes

Okay, Love Notes may just be too adorable… It’s an incredibly fun app that’s guaranteed to make the both of you smile!

With this app, Love Notes, you can create heart-shaped post-it notes to send virtually! You can include images and personal messages on the sticky note.

Shakespeare would’ve loved this app, lol! So, it’s time to start thinking of romantic things to say. It’ll make your partner’s day and make them feel super loved.

6. Couplete

Couplete is such a unique app! It’s basically like you and your partner’s own social media site. It’s private and super easy to use.

There are calendars that you can both update together, you can send each other adorable virtual love letters (with cute little envelopes included), and you can even create a wish list with a bunch of things that you both want to do and buy. You also have an exclusive chat room where you can chat. The reviews are great, so make sure to check it out!

7. My Love

As you can tell from the name, the My Love app is perfect for relationships – especially long distance ones! It’s free to download and out of the 50,000 reviews, it has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5!

You can enter special days – such as your anniversary, last time you saw your partner, next time you’ll see them, etc. When you open the app, you’ll be able to see all the timelines of the exact amount of days of each. So, next time you book a flight, make sure to enter it into the app. Start a countdown for your next reunion!

8. Honi

Honi is a fun app that has tons of different dares and challenges. Most of them are dedicated to long distance relationships. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different dares and challenges, so it’s bound to keep you guys busy!

Some of them can get pretty raunchy, however, there are tons of different levels to them, so if you’re not comfortable with raunchiness, then don’t worry! There is something for everyone, so you’re bound to have fun! You can also create your own challenges, too!

9. LokLok

LokLok is a super awesome app! You can virtually leave a sweet message on your partner’s lock screen! As of right now, this app is only available on Android, so sorry Apple users!

You can draw an image, write a message, or just doodle away and the results will show up on your partner’s phone screen. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face and it’s always a nice surprise!

Just be careful what you put – make sure they’re not in a meeting if you’re going to do something embarrassing, LOL!

10. Happy Couple

Yay for more quiz apps! These types of apps really help to pass the time… So, if you’re away from your partner, then definitely check out the app, Happy Couple!

You and your partner can use this app to quiz each other on your relationship. It will help bring you closer, strengthen your relationship, and it’s just super fun! All you need to do is answer five short questions a day, and then quizzes will be created.

Those were 10 long distance relationship apps!

Have you ever used any of them? If so, make sure to comment down below which one and your thoughts on it. If you know of any other long distance relationship apps, then let us know by contacting us here!

I hope these apps can help you and your partner have some virtual fun! Soon enough you’ll be reunited and you can play actual games in person!

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