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long distance relationship accessories

Show off your long distance relationship with some of our adorable LDR accessories!

We’re so happy to share our long distance relationship shirts with you! As of now, we have a few LDR shirts, however, check back soon because we will also have other kinds of LDR accessories!

These long distance relationship shirts come with free shipping! They’re the perfect gift for you and your long distance partner, friend, or family member!

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Distance means so little, when someone means so much:

This shirt features one of my all-time favorite quotes:

“Distance means so little, when someone means so much.”

One day, the plane ticket will be one way:

“One day, the plane ticket will be one way.”

Of course, this is something all of us in a long distance relationship look forward to! This quote helps us to stay positive, and to think about what the future holds.

Love > Distance (Short-Sleeve):

This adorable t-shirt is available in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve… So, whether it’s summertime, or wintertime, you can get all cozy in this top!

It reads:

“love > distance”

We really hope you love the shirts as much as we do! Let us know of any other quotes that you would like to see on a t-shirt, and we’ll keep them in mind! Contact us by clicking here.


These Long Distance Bracelets are the perfect gift for you and your long distance partner!

Keep a reminder of your love with you, everywhere you go. 

Included in your order: 

♥ 1 x Black Onyx Bracelet 
♥ 1 x White Marble Bracelet 

Our Long Distance Bracelets are made from 8mm stone & crystal beads with strong elastic, and are designed to fit petite to medium-large wrists*

♥ Best Quality Distance Bracelets Available
♥ Handmade in Europe
♥ Sent From the UK & USA
♥ Hand Packaged & Sanitised 

The bracelets will be shipped in a beautiful white jewelry bag. We recommend you ship your order to yourself, remove your bracelet, add a cute note and ship the other bracelet to your love 🙂 


These adorable keychains are perfect for long distance couples!

They read:

“Distance means so little when someone means so much”

Stay tuned for more of our LDR accessories!

Thank you all for the continuous support on our blog. We truly hope you enjoy these accessories, and if you happen to order one, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You guys are the reason we continue to post! Thank you so, so much!