How I Met My Soulmate – Long Distance Relationship Couple

People are always curious to hear the story on how I met my soulmate, so I’m here to tell it!

Well, where do I begin… This is the story of how I met my soulmate! It all started in July of 2015. My friend Emmy texted me a picture of one of her friends tweet. Immediately, I answered with “Who’s that!” to which she answered, “Who’s who?” (lol!) I asked her who the person in the twitter profile was and she said “Sam! He’s 20”. These next few texts, I had a bit of a panic, haha! I remember thinking, hmmm – the only thing that would make this guy even more perfect is if he had a british accent. Keep in mind, my friend Emmy was going to school in Edinburgh so the chances of him being english wasn’t far off.

Thankfully, she told me he had a posh british accent, was an actor, youtuber, and that he was (and I quote) “the sweetest person ever”. Never, EVER, would I have guessed that this guy would end up being my first boyfriend… (I know, first boyfriend at 18 years old… I was a late bloomer!)

Alright, this next part is extremely embarrassing for me, but it is what it is… I kid you not, I texted Emmy back and said “I WANT HIM TO LOVE ME” (well, my wish came true).


ANYWAYS, now that the embarrassing first messages are done with, let's get to the good part.

So, Emmy decided to introduce us on a group Skype call. I remember before the call, Sam called me first. We’ve messaged each other a few times before, but never actually spoke on the phone or video chatted. My heart started racing when I saw his name pop up! I answered and he was playing the guitar. He said he was improvising and wrote me a song. (Yes, I cried on the inside, it was too early to cry on the outside – I didn’t want to scare him away!)

Things started to escalate, we started video-chatting alone every single day, my parents met his parents over Skype, and real feelings started to evolve. Sam and Emmy came up with a plan to go on vacation in Nice, France with a few friends, and they both invited me to come. At this point, London was on my bucket list, I never flew out of the country on my own, I was barely making money… So, what did I do? I booked my flight to England.

The original plan was that I was going to fly into London, meet Emmy there and then fly to Nice with her a few days later. However, Emmy then realized she had exams and couldn’t meet me in London.

Sam stepped in and said he would meet me in London – a 2 hour train ride from where he lives… MY HERO!

Fast forward to October 11th, 2015 - I was on the plane to England.


I landed in London, took the train to the underground, and the underground to Euston Station. Any moment, I was going to meet Sam! We weren’t dating at this point, but we both had feelings for each other.

He came up to me and the first thing he said was “is the height ok!?” and the only thing I can say was “omg, you’re real!” – wow, we’re so romantic…

After the nerves were gone, we instantly clicked and I felt like I was on cloud 9. He was just as beautiful and charming in person as he was online.

We stayed in London for a few days before traveling to France, where he asked me to be his girlfriend while walking alongside the beach at night.

We’ve been together ever since and have managed to keep our relationship healthy, alive, and totally worth the money!

In the past 3 years, we’ve traveled to over 13 countries together, started a YouTube channel called Sam and Monica where we post 2 videos a week on our LDR (long distance relationship) and where we’ve gained millions of views, started a social media management business together called Infinite Management, released merch (see image below) and have gotten an apartment in England together – all without either of us having a visa!


So, for those of you who asked how I met my soulmate, Sam, I hope you enjoyed the story on how I met my long distance boyfriend!

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  1. Hi Monica , i’m Amina from Morocco . Idk why I’m crying right now , cuz I know you both from Youtube and I’m a big fan , I saw you on youtube by coincidence a year ago . You are so nice and that’s why God sent you Sam to be your fisrt love . You deserve to be happy , when I see you together you give me hope , an patience to wait for Caleb , he’s from USA ; CALIFORNIA. I met him online .. we were a language partners , he was trying to learn Arabic and I wanted to improve my English , I’ve never thought that he woud love me . I’m from a different country , different language , and of course a different religion . We have dating for 7 months now and he promised me that he will visit me in October . I pray everyday for that to come true . Thank you so much for your videos , i consider you as a friend ;] you are beautiful and so sweet . Be safe ,I hope you read this message . Say hi to Sam , your parents, and Liz .
    ps [ excuse me if I made any mistake i told you i’m not an English native speaker lol ]


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