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LDR Gift Ideas

Gifts for Her


Are you looking for cute gifts to give to your girlfriend or wife?

If so, we got you covered! If you’re like me, then you know that it’s not an easy task finding gifts… Gifts are meant to be special, and super thoughtful! So,to help you find the perfect gift,

Check out these ideas on gifts for her!

1. Bath bombs

Every girl I know LOVES bath bombs! They smell good, make your skin feel soft, and create a relaxing environment for your bath. Plus, it’s entertaining watching them sizzle in the water, haha!

Check out the ones below: 

2. Makeup Brushes

If your partner enjoys doing their makeup, then why not get them some makeup brushes? If you go into a makeup store, you’ll be shocked to see that some brushes go for over $40 each!

Instead, check out the brushes below:

3. Bracelets

Girls tend to put in a lot of effort into their looks. Whether that be with makeup, clothes, or jewelry, they can never have enough items! By giving your partner jewelry, it gives them something to bring with them everywhere, which also reminds them of you every time they wear it!

Check out some cute bracelets below:

4. Teddy bear

Okay, this is a known fact… All girls love teddy bears! They’re cuddly, cute, and will help keep your partner warm when you’re not around! Teddy bears are the perfect gift for any kind of occasion.

Check out the cute teddy bears below:

5. Fake rose

Every anniversary, my fiancé gifts me a fake rose. This symbolizes that our love will never die. Gifting your partner a rose is such a romantic gesture, and will make your partner feel loved, happy, and special. Plus, it’s something they can keep forever.

Check out the fake roses below:

6. Romantic framed photos

Sometimes homemade gifts are the best gifts. They’re thoughtful, and show that you put in a lot of time and effort to make it special! So, why not get a beautiful frame and include some photos of you and your partner in it? They’ll be able to hang it up, or keep it on their desk to look at. It’ll constantly remind them of you!

Check out the frames below:

7. Cozy hoodies

You can never have enough hoodies… Especially when they’re super comfy! Everyone enjoys lounging at home in comfortable hoodies, so this gift is bound to make your partner happy!

Check out some cozy hoodies below:

8. Earrings

As mentioned in the bracelets point above, girls can never have enough jewelry! If your partner isn’t a fan of bracelets, then why not consider getting her some beautiful earrings?

Check out the earrings below:

9. Romantic books

The best kind of books are romance books! John Green is a popular writer, and his books are bound to make your partner smile. Trust me, I’m not a huge reader, but of his books are so romantic that I can’t help but to read them!

Check out his books below:

10. Eyeshadow palette

There are tons of different eyeshadow palettes out there, but if your partner is an aspiring makeup artist, then she can never have enough palettes! So, surprise her with some new eyeshadow!

Check out the palettes below:

Hopefully you found some gifts for her in this blog!

If you end up getting one, let us know how she likes it! Do you have any other ideas on gifts for her? If so, we’d love to know – Comment them down below or contact us here!

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