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about me
about me

Here is some info about me - Monica Gartner!

To perfectly sum me up, I’m a dad jokes enthusiast who’s either filming YouTube videos, petting a dog, holding a cat, writing blogs, or talking about my long distance relationship!

I’ve been in a long distance relationship since 2015 with a handsome guy named Sam! He lives in Cheshire, England and I live on Long Island, New York – (We live 3,297 miles apart to be exact!)

about me
about me

On our 4th anniversary, Sam and I were overlooking the city of Monaco – close to where we first started dating…

Well, this ended up being the best day of my life because lucky for me, this was the day he proposed!

Here’s our proposal video:

Other than my relationship, I’m super passionate about animals and I currently own 3 companies:

Alongside my companies, I make YouTube videos on my personal channel, and I also have a couples channel with my boyfriend where we post weekly vlogs about our long distance relationship. We are now the #1 LDR couples channel on YouTube!

Sam and I also had our own MTV show called, Wrong Distance Relationship. (Don’t let the name scare you! It’s ‘reality’ TV – it’s meant to sound dramatic!) The show was featured on MTV’s snapchat channel and had over 8.5 million viewers. It showed some of the ups and downs of being in a long distance relationship.

I started this blog to help other long distance couples find answers on how to make their relationship work.

Let’s be honest, long distance relationships are SO crazy, but hey, what’s wrong with doing crazy things for love?

Now that you’ve learned more about me and my long distance relationship – have fun exploring Long Distance Relationships Blog!

Keep up to date with me on all my social media – linked below!

about me