Date Night Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Just because your loved one lives far away, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have date nights! Unfortunately you can’t physically go places together, but thankfully, because of the internet, you have tons of other ways to have little dates!

So, here are some date night ideas for you and your long distance partner!

date night ideas

1. Play Truth or Dare

We’ve all played truth or dare once or twice! For those of you who aren’t familiar, you and your partner will take turns asking each other to choose a truth or dare. If they choose truth, you can ask them any question that comes to your mind. If they choose dare, you can dare them to do something. The game is fun, and can help you to learn more about your partner!

2. Do some karaoke

This might sound a bit silly, but it’s actually really fun! (My partner and I have done it a few times!) Go to YouTube, and search karaoke tunes. You’ll find tons of fun videos to sing along to together! I’d recommend dueting High School Musical!

3. Go to a restaurant

You may be thinking “how is this an online date?” Well, let me explain. Both of you can choose a restaurant, and video-chat each other while you’re there! You’ll be on a virtual restaurant date, and can have dinner together (just not physically). This may be a bit tough because of different time zones, so it might have to be a lunch date for one of you while the other person has their dinner!

4. Plan your next visit

What better way to spend your time apart than to start planning your next visit!? This will get the both of you excited, and after booking your flight or train ticket, you can start counting down the days!

5. Make a playlist

To feel closer to each other, create a Spotify playlist! You can both add your favorite music to it. Both of you can listen to the playlist as you drive, or hang out at home. Every time you play a song, it will remind you of your partner. Plus, who doesn’t love chilling out and listening to music?

date night ideas

Do you have any other date night ideas that you’ve done?

If so, comment them down below, or send us an email by clicking here.

Hopefully you can gain some inspiration from these date night ideas, and if you do any of them, then make sure to have so much fun!

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